The ACM group focuses on the design and demonstration of new heterogeneous catalysts and reactor engineering concepts


The Advanced Catalytic Materials group, headed by Prof. Jorge Gascon, focuses on the design, development and demonstration of new heterogeneous catalysts and reactor engineering concepts. Our aim is to develop and deploy sustainable technologies for the production of chemicals, energy carriers and new environmental applications. Process intensification, feedstock efficiency and reduction of energy usage are our main objectives.


We follow a holistic approach (see figure above), where understanding the most relevant physical and chemical phenomena at the reactor, catalyst and active site levels along with the development of structure-function correlations play a pivotal role. We use state of the art -operando- characterization techniques in combination with advanced synthetic tools and rigorous –high throughput- catalyst testing and reaction engineering concepts to achieve function control over several length scales in catalyst and reactor design.

Latest News

30 September, 2021

Prof. Jorge Gascon named Honorary Doctorate from University of Alicante

This recognition aims to support and highlight his scientific research.

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05 September, 2021

Mohammed Alabdullah, first Ph.D. graduate from ACM group

Congratulations Dr. Alabdullah on your accomplishment!

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04 April, 2021

Prof. Gascon talks with Hydrocarbon Processing about his recent work on Crude Oil to Chemicals

Prof. Gascon provides insights on the one-step process, the benefits of the technology and the next steps in implementing it.

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