Prof. Jorge Gascon named Honorary Doctorate from University of Alicante

30 September, 2021

KAUST Catalysis Center Director and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Jorge Gascon, has been named Honorary Doctorate from University of Alicante.

"Being honored in this way by one of the top Universities in my home country makes me feel specially happy and privileged", Prof. Gascon said.

This recognition aims to support and highlight his scientific research: "Nowadays it is impossible to talk about Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), gas separation membranes, or catalytic CO2 conversion without mentioning his work", has published the University of Alicante through a press release.

"This is a tribute to the work of my present and past co-workers and to the institutions that have supported our work. Finally, this Honorary Doctorate adds (even more) motivation to continue our research at the best possible level", he concludes.

Prof. Jorge Gascon leads the Advanced Catalytic Material group in KAUST Catalysis Center. His works focuses on the design, development and demonstration of new heterogeneous catalysts and reactor engineering concepts.

Congratulations Prof. Gascon!

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