Principal Investigator

  • Professor and Director KCC​​​​​​​​​

    Research Interests: Catalysis, Nanomaterials, Gas/Water purification, Heterogeneous catalysis, C1 chemistry, Multifunctional solids, Reactor engineering, Separation processes
    B3/L4 - 4235

Research Scientists

  • ​Research Scientist​​
    Research Interests: Nanoporous materials, heterogeneous catalysis, crystal design, synthesis and functionalization, crystal structure determination, XRD
  • ​Research Scientist​
    Research Interests: Metal-organic framework, crystallography, structure/properties relationship, solid-state characterizations

Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Postdoctoral Fellow ​
    Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysis, structured Reactors, CO2 Conversion, expoxidation reactions, oxidative dehydrogenation reactions
  • ​Postdoctoral Fellow​
    Research Interests: Materials chemistry, porous polymers, heterogeneous catalysis
  • ​Postdoctoral Fellow ​
    Research Interests: Porous materials, high temperature vapor phase reactions
  • Postdoctoral Fellow​
    Research Interests: Materials chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, single-site catalysis, CO2 conversion

PhD Students

  • ​Ph.D. Student
    Research Interests: Heterogeneous Catalysis, CO2 Conversion, catalyst Design
  • Ph.D Student
    Research Interests: Catalysis
  • ​Ph.D. Student ​
    Research Interests: Catalysis, Metal-organic framework
  • ​Ph.D Student​
    Research Interests: Heterogenous catalysis, reaction engineering, energy and environment
  • ​Ph.D. Student ​
    Research Interests: Photocatalysis, Metal Organic Framework
  • Ph.D student
    Research Interests: Heterogeneous catalysis, catalyst shaping, material science, nanoporous materials, Crystal design, X-ray and neutron diffraction techniques, spectroscopy, 3D Printing

Masters Students

  • ​Master Student​
    Research Interests: Reaction engineering, reactor design, heterogeneous catalysis